The most common myths about contact lenses

If you are going to buy contact lens then you might need to look at this article. Today, we are going to talk about the myths about contact lenses. Click here for colored contacts online.

It is very difficult to wear contact lenses

The saying “practice makes perfect” is 100% correct when it comes to usingcontact lenses. Although the first time they are used you will most likely get nervous by introducing a foreign object to your eye, when you lose your fear you will feel very comfortable. Contact lenses are imperceptible and fully adapt to the shape of your eyes. If you wear them well, you won’t feel them. Their material is so incredible that it is not strange that you forget to take them out. Visit this site for contact lenses japan online.

Contact lenses get lost behind the eye

That contact lenses getting lost in the eye socket is almost impossible, so you should not have that fear. There is a membrane attached to the inside of the eyelids that prevents the passage of these towards the back of the eye.

The eyes need at least a day without contact lenses to “breathe”

False! Most contact lenses are made with soft, breathable materials, so you can wear them every day! Only if your ophthalmologist or contactologist prescribes it, should you rest your eye.

I will have to stop wearing makeup if I decide to wear contact lenses

Although there are makeups that can cause irritation, just wearing them does not increase the possibility that you will have a problem. Keep using the makeup that you regularly use and make sure that it does not come into contact with your lenses. If something happens to you, consult your ophthalmologist and of course stop using makeup immediately.