The most original ways to give a gift

Sometimes the process of giving and receiving a gift can be a gift on its own, so here are the most creative and original ways to deliver them. Click here for corporate design service singapore.

The unlikely delivery

It is possible that the recipient is already waiting for a gift from you and will naturally believe that you will be the one to present it. That is where you can create confusion to a happy surprise. Find someone the recipient will never expect to give you a gift.

One option would be a child, also a pet, or a neighbor who may pretend to have received your postal delivery by mistake. In the end, it’s just getting someone else to approach the recipient with the gift in hand. Visit this site for office desk calendars.

Treasure hunt

If you want to get really creative, build a scavenger hunt! You can give them clues that will eventually lead to their gift. Don’t be shy, you can get the help of your family and friends, the more they participate, the more fun.

Top reasons to give gifts to your customers

This method is our all-time favorite. Just create some leads for a surprise gift from one destination to another. This requires a bit of planning and sowing clues. This quest turns gift giving into a memorable activity.

Hidden gift

A different idea from the treasure hunt is to hide the gift and have the recipient find it. You can give verbal clues or give a general location.

In a special place

Make the gift presentation more meaningful by taking the recipient to a place that has special meaning to them. Present the gift remembering why you have decided that place and make it an unforgettable moment.