give your dog a choice

Situations in which you should give your dog a choice

Dogs, like people, have their own individual preferences. They may not just be in the mood for some things at the moment. Forcing a pet to do something that will not please him at any given time can negatively affect his relationship with his guardian. Of course, for your safety, the pooch should not be able to make independent decisions in every situation. There are, however, a few things in which a pet should decide whether it feels like it or feels a need. In what situations should you give your dog a choice to make him feel safer and safer in your company?

Give your dog a choice if he wants to be petted

Physical contact gives many domestic animals great pleasure. However, stroking a dog against his will may not only be unpleasant to a pet. An unwanted human touch can cause severe discomfort, stress, or even a feeling of danger and a need for defense. A huge part of dog bites is caused by forcing the quadruped into unwanted contact. Children who are unable to take into account the dog’s needs and well-being are, particularly at risk. They can be extremely intrusive, leaving no quadrupedal alternative to defending their teeth.


Stroking the dog should be pleasant for both the stroking and the dog itself! For this reason, the quadruped’s well-being and preferences at the moment should be taken into account. Of course, you can afford more freedom when stroking your own pet than when dealing with foreign animals. Our domestic pooch often trusts us a lot, and he shouldn’t react violently to our touch. However, while you are stroking, do not hold the dog if it wants to leave us, or force it to contact us in some other way. Strange dogs should be treated with great distance and refrain from reaching out if the first ones do not initiate contact. After all, none of us would feel well accosted and petted by a complete stranger on the street.

Let the dog hide in a safe place

Every pooch should have the choice of participating in home life or hiding away from everyday noise. To provide the dog with this opportunity, it is worth preparing him a safe place where nobody will disturb him. It can be a kennel cage covered with a blanket, a fragment of the room separated by a screen, or a bed in a separate room. It is worth making this place isolated from children staying in the house, the area with the most traffic in the house (kitchen, living room) or equipment that generates a lot of noise. The dog should always have access to his safe place and know that he is safe. The dog hidden there should not be caught, driven out, or pulled out in any way. By adhering to such rules, this place will become a real haven for a pet who will be able to rest in peace from the stressful home noise.