Most Motivational Movies To Inspire Children

The audience well received the movies that were released before the start of the pandemic. The producers and the actors had the opportunity to see their movie loved by the fans. The fans clapped, cheered and threw confetti upon the arrival of their favourite actor. Such instances could not be seen by many producers who released their movies after the pandemic. Since the theatres were shut down and the people were restricted from social gatherings, the fans had no option but to sit at their home and enjoy their favourite movies on different OTT streaming platforms. The aha is a streaming platform launched by the South Indian film industry, mainly featuring Telugu movies and web series. Aha also released movies on their streaming websites dubbed in Telugu, which were released in their original language.

Android Kattapa is a Malayalam movie released on 08 November 2019 that was dubbed in Telugu movie and released on Aha. In Malayalam, it was released as ANdroidKunjappan Version 5.25 and bagged three Kerala State Film Awards. The movie stars SurajVenjaramoodu, SoubinShahir, Mala Parvathy and SaijuKuruppu, and others in a commercially successful movie. The movie revolves around BhaskaraPoduval, played by SurajVenjaramoodu and his son Subramanian played by SoubinShahir. In his old days, Bhaskara has a fear of dying alone, so he forces his son Subramanian, a mechanical engineer, to quit his job and stay with him till the end.

This behaviour frustrates Subramanian, and he takes up a job that forces him to shift to Russia for the job. In Russia, he meets Hitomi, played by KendyZirdo, who is very much attracted to Subramanian because he is an Indian. Hitomi then tells Subramanian about the robot who helped her father during his last days. Subramanian also receives news that the nurse hired by him is not up to the mark, and his father is unwell. He decides to send the robot to his house to take care of the father. Soon, Subramanian realises that the robot and his father get very close, and he gets jealous of their relationship. He then decides to quit the job and plans on returning to take care of his father. Hitomi and his boss suggest he stay and not throw away his career, but he doesn’t listen and returns home. Afterwards is the story of the relationship between the robot, Bhaskara and his son. The movie was directed by RatheeshBalakrishnanPoduval and produced by Santhosh T. Kuruvilla. Bujubal composed the music, and Sanu Varghese did brilliant cinematography. The movie was dubbed in Telugu and released online on the Telugu streaming platform Aha.

The director did a fantastic job of clearly depicting the dialogues and the emotions between Bhaskara and the robot. The music and the cinematography capture the true essence of the film and leave no stone unturned while showcasing the characters’ different emotions. You can guess the actors’ level of performance by knowing that the lead SurajVenjaramoodu was awarded the Best Actor award at the Kerala State film awards.

To conclude

This movie is worth watching to understand the different acting ranges of the cast. Subscribe to Ahafor more Telugu movies online watch.