Best Vans That Bathe Dogs at Home

They offer a full range of grooming services including therapeutic shampoos, regular baths, nail trimming, haircuts, tick and flea control, brushing (coat and teeth), nail trimming, and aromatherapy, but what impressed camionetas que bañanperros a domicilio most was the lack of cost for these intensive services.

Our oldest son was pampered for over an hour, his tail wagging and sleepy eyes showing how much fun he was having. His favourite part of the day was the blowout. His favourite part of the day was blow-drying his hair after his bath.

These companies offer many packages and a regular bath costs 800 rupees for a small dog and 1000 rupees for a large dog. We offer a full service (including bath, lower body, nail trimming, teeth and ears) camionetas que bañan perros a domicilio offers Rs 1900 for a small dog and Rs 2700 for a large dog.

My young daughter, who was particularly fragile and simply scared, was very well taken care of. She was introduced to the staff before the session started. I was thrilled that she was completely pampered for an hour and a half, and when she came back wearing a pink ribbon (blue for boys), she was transformed.

In short, we think she earned the brown factor on two key criteria: the right product and a pleasant employee with effective training. So, you can be sure your pooch is in good hands!”. The fact that these companies come to us in mobile vans simply brings the Brown Factor.Plus, if you have two shifts like we do, the vans are 100% cleaned and stored between shifts.