NWS mobile app.

All About NWS Mobile App

With the commencement of NWS’s 34th season comes another announcement: NWS’s first mobile app! The free app keeps you up to date on the latest news while you’re on the road. This latest arrival to NWS’s digital world allows for a stronger connection with their community as well as quicker accessibility of information and material you desire.

You may access your customized calendar of events and information using your existing NWS site login details in the app – no need to register a new account!


  • Directions and parking

As soon as the app opens you have to do nothing but just follow the directions. The directions will show you various options and once you have explored everything, it will be off. The NWS will also keep you up to date on traffic and parking, ensuring that you have the best possible experience.

  • Event info and tickets

On the day of your performance, you’ll have simple access to events and tickets, as well as an in-depth guide to the program, musicians, and venue. You will get everything!

  • Access

Never worry about forgetting your tickets; they’ll be stored in the app and ready to be scanned at the venue. You get more time to make up for other things.

  • Fast account access

Access to all of your online and in-person event information, as well as a review of your purchase and donation history. You can keep a check on what’s been happening in your account with just one click.

  • Notifications

To ensure the most up-to-current information about all of the performances, parking and traffic notices, free material, and discounts, as well as suspensions or date changes, opt-in and allow notifications.

  • Streaming on-demand

Be the first one to know when new content, such as a live interview, a free online performance, or a full-length event, is available.

  • News

Get the most up-to-date news and in-depth articles as soon as they’re available. The news platform is directly connected to the app, which means it will pick up and save all news items.


These were the features you get when you download NWS mobile app.