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JNT Cargo – Your Reliable logistic partner. Ship it Easily!

The first logistics company based on technology in South East Asia. Covers. Various areas like cargo delivery, Express delivery, and Warehousing. And supply chain and its type of business serve intercity, interprovincial, delivery, and international. The company providing all these services stands for JNT Cargo. Based on this, let’s list out the features that JNT possess below.

  • Coverage area: This company provides services throughout Indonesia, except Papua.
  • Claim guarantee: provide good claim service to customers without hesitation and provide goods insurance service to provide a sense of security to customers
  • Standard services: This company provides drivers, fuel, tools, parking, 60 minutes, waiting time for location, and full door-to-door service. It also offers convenient packaging services for an additional fee.
  • Delivery speed and tracking: This cargo picks up the. Luggage on time. It takes around 24 hours and 23 minutes, door to door. It also tells us the last sorting center where the goods pass by tracking.
  • Performance and driver contacts: The drivers of this company are highly trained, Well-dressed and are very accountable regarding goods for delivery. The drivers are very punctual, and pickup and delivery of the goods are done on time.

  • Customer service: It provides accessibility to contact customer service via WhatsApp chat and all hotline calls. It delivers fast responses to its customers. The customers appreciate the answers given by customer service support. Customer service support is available 24/7 for its customers.
  • Ease of use of the app: This cargo provider company provides postage Postage Check applications. Available for Android mobile users. It requires manual input for putting the customer’s information. After all the data is entered. You have to contact customer service for confirmation.
  • Easy ordering: Get booking easily via offline or online portals includes hotlines, apps, customer systems, and official sites. In addition, you can connect with sales or outlet from your destination.
  • Price: This cargo charges you as per item weight. It also gives the facility of cardboard and bubble packaging. At 10:00, additional costs of 5000 per piece and 8000 per meter, respectively. The service tax is entirely free.


JNT Cargo Is your best choice if you want to send goods outside Java because its coverage is impressive, and also if you wish for punctuality and reliability. And proper delivery. You can go for this provider.