matrimonial investigation

Marriage Investigation consulting services in Hong Kong

It’s important to work with an investigation agency that helps clients gather evidence to support their next steps, from suspected infidelity to divorce settlements to custody disputes. Such challenging times require the assistance of professional investigators.For the sake of your rights, it is essential to verify and investigate during the settlement of Herald Business Consulting.

What is the role of matrimonial investigations in supporting you?

  • Investigate the facts and evidence
  • To protect your rights
  • Fighting for someone’s rights during a divorce, child custody, and property division

TheĀ matrimonial investigation hong kong we provide utilizes both surveillance and asset searches – uncovering child custody issues as well as obtaining evidence of infidelity.

1 – A surveillance system

We provide surveillance services to help you determine if there is a legitimate reason to suspect your spouse is having extramarital affairs.To keep the Subject under full surveillance, our investigators are trained to be discreet in action.The Subject will be closely monitored if it’s discovered that the Subject has been unfaithful. We’ll take pictures, videos, and other forms of evidence.When you choose to obtain a divorce, the evidence of unfaithfulness and adultery from our matrimonial investigation will serve as indisputable evidence of your desire to do so.

2 – Searching for assets

Divorced couples can benefit from an asset search on many levels.One of its most important functions is to protect your finances during the divorce process.With the aid of a thorough search that covers bank accounts, vehicles, real estate, shareholdings, businesses, and other assets, we can illustrate the Subject’s financial condition, which will be helpful in preparation for negotiations regarding the divorce settlement.