Understand what the role of company secretary is

After a company has been formed, all it needs is a director. One of the most obvious components of the process for so many years was the secretary.

The role is usually administrative in nature. Although the Company Secretary’s responsibilities and duties are not prescriptive or set in stone, there are certain aspects that tend to apply to all types of businesses.

These are a few common duties and areas of responsibility:

The owner of the registered office is responsible for setting up the company. In the process of forming a business, it is important that the registered business address appears on all correspondence. The address must also appear on various forms and correspondence.

Once the formation process is complete, the company must meet regularly with its officers and interested parties. These meetings are set up by a company secretarial service hong kong who makes sure everyone knows when and where they are taking place. This type of meeting often discusses the general direction of the organization, so everyone in attendance is important. The Company Secretary keeps a detailed record of the proceedings for future reference.

An excellent relationship with Companies House is essential for any company secretary. Company Secretaries usually act as the company’s official liaison with Companies House. It is their responsibility to handle correspondence between the two entities. The company secretary must file the annual report and accounts on time.

A company secretary service hong kong is essential to ensuring the smooth operation of a business. Although not legally required, this position is still commonly employed by businesses. Which choice is made at the company’s discretion.