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What Everyone Must Know About Additive Manufacturing In Singapore?

Additive manufacturing mainly works by using computer-aided design. Some of the important facts to know about additive manufacturing Singapore have been discussed in this article.

Different types of the additive manufacturing process

 Additive manufacturing mainly references the type of technologies that mainly grow three-dimensional objects in one superfine layer at a time. Below are some of the different types of additive manufacturing processes:

 The first process is sintering. The material is being heated without being liquified to create complex high-resolution objects.

  1. The second additive manufacturing technology fully melts the materials. This mainly includes direct laser metal sintering which mainly uses a laser to melt layers of metal powder.
  2. The third type of technology is stereolithography. This mainly uses a process known as photopolymerization. This ultraviolet laser is mainly fired into a vat of photopolymer resin.

Top benefits of using the additive manufacturing process

 The ability for complex geometries is one of the top advantages of additive manufacturing.

  1. The AM is more cost-effective, saving businesses money.
  2. The design alterations can be completed quickly as well as efficiently because of the digital process.
  3. Parts that were earlier assembled from different pieces are mainly fabricated into a single object.
  4. Additive manufacturing is mainly able to create unique objects as well as replace the worn out segments.
  5. With the help of additive manufacturing, the designers are mainly able to produce different versions of a single design in a cost-effective manner.

These are some of the important facts to know about additive manufacturing in Singapore.