Ideas for Feng shui consultations

Ideas for Feng shui consultations

Philosophy, science, and art all come together in feng shui. It brings harmony to our lives by establishing a connection between heaven and earth. It’s “feng shui” to say feng shui. Starting with the proper pronunciation is essential if you want to pursue a profession as a feng shui consultant singapore. The most vital elements on earth, wind and water are literally what it means. It is a 3rd century B.C. notion from ancient China. The core concept of feng shui is the flow of energy. Your quality of life will be improved by good feng shui, which will lead to better health, relationships, prosperity, professional advancement, and—most importantly—happiness. Your quality of life may be harmed by poor feng shui.

How does Feng shui work

Feng shui has many rules to follow, from specifying the exact placement of your furniture (never put a bed under a window!) to outlining the color of your entrance door to allowing qi to flow smoothly through your home (it depends on which cardinal direction it faces). While various schools of feng shui offer many variations on these ideas, a few themes run throughout all of them and serve as the philosophy’s cornerstone.

What is a Bagua?

An energy map called a Bagua, which translates to “eight zones,” is laid over your home’s floor plan. Eight boxes make up the three-by-three grid, with the middlebox standing for you. The eight boxes each represent a different aspect of your life, such as fortune, fame, love, family, children, knowledge, career, and helpful people.


Feng shui is an old Chinese tradition with contemporary uses. It is still used today to assist people in creating comfortable and secure environments. Many individuals, including feng shui professionals, extol the anecdotal advantages of utilizing the method to direct the design of living spaces.