Services and benefits are controlled by immigration

If your stay in the UK is restricted, you may not be able to apply for all the benefits and services available. If you’re ‘subject to immigration control’ you may not be able to access some benefits and services. In a ‘maintenance undertaking’, a family member or friend agrees to provide you British Connections with housing and financial support while you are in the UK.

In this case, you probably didn’t have permission to stay in the UK. For example, you might have entered illegally, or perhaps your visa expired, and you didn’t apply for an extension. Ensure that you know whether you are on the ‘5 year route’ to settling in the UK or the ’10 year route’ to settling in the UK by bno renew. If you are on the 5 year route to settling in the UK, removing the no public funds condition might make it harder to renew your visa.

For information about your visa or permit route, check the letter that came with it. If it doesn’t state which route you’re on, you’re usually on the 5 year route. Unless there is an exception in your situation, don’t apply for anything under ‘public funds’. Otherwise, you might be violating the terms and conditions of your stay.

It’s important to check whether a benefit or service falls under public funds on your own since you won’t know when you apply. Public funds aren’t available to pay for all UK benefits and services – for example, those based on National Insurance contributions. You can apply for these benefits and services regardless of immigration status.