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Everything you need to know about the new law introducing bail deposits

An article of the Simplifications decree provides for the introduction in Italy of a deposit system for glass, plastic and aluminum beverage packaging. Our analysis of the regulatory text, which is now awaiting an implementing decree to make the system that enhances quality collection and recycling operational bail bonds pittsburgh.

The decree is full of measures in particular for the governance of the national recovery and resilience plan and for the ‘ simplification ‘ of various procedures. Among these, somewhat surprisingly, article 219 bis appeared during the examination in the Chamber, the result of the reformulation of the amendment signed by the 5 Star deputy. The law states that “economic operators, individually or collectively, adopt return systems with deposit as well as systems for the reuse of packaging”.

The reference to reuse has created some confusion in the media , which have also thought about the possibility of introducing returnable systems, i.e. a system by which glass packaging is refilled after use. But as they themselves clarified, the goal is exclusively to promote a better quality of recycling to achieve the objectives of the Sup directive: the goal is therefore not to allow the refilling of returned packaging, but to recycle plastic bottles , glass and aluminum cans contributed by consumers.

Incidentally, our magazine, which dedicated a special to bail deposit systems , last March appealed to the institutions for the approval of a law that would establish bail deposits in Italy as well.

The text: recycling or reuse?

Returning to examine the text of the approved standard, it is also clear in some passages that the objective is, as in the rest of the world, “bottle-to-bottle” recycling, i.e. making sure that a bottle (or can) can create another one, and not reuse. For example, the passage – paragraph 1 bis – which limits the scope of the rule to “plastic, glass and metal packaging used for water and other beverages” implicitly confirms that it is not a matter of returnable packaging, because this method In existing experiences, the collection process never concerns cans and only in one case does it involve PET bottles.