In a few days the schools reopen, millions of students will return to class and spend many hours sitting at their desk and at the desk in the bedroom. This article is for you parents, always attentive to the health and well-being of your children. Here you will find ideas and advice on what to evaluate before choosing the ergonomic chair for the children’s desk and some proposals for comfortable chairs to study that allow you to maintain a correct posture kids desk.

Why is it important to choose the right chair for the study corner?

Because children and teenagers spend a lot of time sitting. Sitting at school, sitting at home doing homework, sitting eating, sitting in front of the computer, sitting in front of the television. A sedentary lifestyle is known to cause back and health problems. Postural damage to the spine and problems related to a sedentary lifestyle begin to develop during puberty and the school period and if not corrected immediately they then become difficult to treat and fix.

It is therefore important to teach children and teenagers the correct posture to maintain when sitting , which positions to avoid and which movements to do but it is also important to provide them with an ergonomic seat that can help and protect them.

An ergonomic chair thinks about the health of those who use it. Once “sitting well” meant staying still and composed, now we know that this belief is wrong and unhealthy. Now we talk about ” sitting in motion “.